Anatomy Of a Guerilla Photoshoot. part 2

Well, they tell me the car is basically road worthy. I have a laundry list of expensive repairs but that’s normal. I’ve never brought a car over here in which I didn’t have a lot of repairs needed. I get concerned about fluids, brakes, and tires. I also don’t have the money for the repairs so, that’s that. I didn’t know there was an Esquire network. The things I learn while waiting for my car. Hmmm. It is still raining.

Have you ever noticed that the Michelin man and the Stay Puft Marshmallow man resemble one another?

Today’s other plan involves finding a white Santa Claus hat, and completing my last paper for this qualitative analysis class. Oh and Mom wants a bagel.My mother has a bagel addiction. We may to stage an intervention at some point.


Funny things my dogs do

Odin is half Australian Shepherd, part Border Collie, and part silly. He is also deaf. We communicate by sign language. Anyway, Odin managed to get a self-sticking envelop stuck to his tail. I have no idea how he did this. He was running around the house, happily wagging his tail and knocking books over like usual when I noticed it. I tried to get it off of him but he thought it was a game of chase so it was impossible without making a serious mess of the house. Daisy comes bounding out of the bedroom, makes a beeline for him, and starts trying to grab the envelope. He doesn’t understand why she is trying to bite his tail so he runs from her. She finally corners him and snatches the envelope and runs off with it. Odin looks perplexed at this. I convince her to give it up as my sock makes a more durable play toy. It was hysterically funny, and I only wish is that my camera had not been so slow to operate. It would have been something to see. Ah well.