Artist date with…me, myself, and I

In the spirit of trying something new, I decided to take myself on a mini-wander of Towns Square.  TS is an open air shopping mall that meanders around a children’s water park and green at the south end of the LV Strip.  I first visited Teavana because I really liked their combinations of Youthberry and Wild Orange Blossom teas.  Because of the locale, that became a wander into Aveda, where I did not have to work too hard to get the lady with the strong German accent to demonstrate product on me.  Unfortunately, the wind is fierce today, so all her fluffing was for naught.  I had it back up in a pony tail as soon as I turned the corner by Tommy Bahama.  I’m on a try something new kick, so I stopped into TB to try their restaurant.  I find the Florida plantation decor facinating.  All those scallop shells of fairly uniform size and color on the lamps and sconces.  The waitress greeted me with “You look familiar, have you been here before?”  When I told her no, she said, “Are you local?”  I answered affirmative and she explained the menu to me, but in the back of my mind I’m thinking, “Yes, I’m big in Ulan Bhaatar.”
Coconut shrimp Ok.  Chips and salsa…okay persuaded more salsa.
The wild wind tosses rapid flickering patterns across the tables and walls in the late afternoon sun.  I am seated a table away from the service entrance, buried at the back.  I guess they do that to single diners that have no desire to sit in the bar.  The best part is getting to listen to server gossip.  I’ve learned not to take offense at being seated at the crappy tables.  Most of the time it works out well.  This is definitly an event restaurant.  People who come here are on vacation or celebrating something.  Random: I wonder if I can rent the Baobab theatre for one day to shoot?  Must look into this.
I ordered the Pina Colada cake so we’ll see how it fairs with the rest of my nonlunch lunch.
Ah its a whipped cream cake.  Yuck.  That’s what to go boxes are for I guess.  Glad I got the small (really?) version.
I’ll wander through the store and look at the jewelry but their clothing is made for birds.  Then its off to The Body Shop and Whole Foods.  Wheeeee!


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