Pink Houses.

I am completely unsurprised that while waiting for breakfast at Hash House a Go Go, they would play John Cougar Mellencamp on the in house stereo.  He is the quinessential farm boy, in a place that specializes in farm food. Happy 4th of July.

Waiting on my car at Planet Hyundai.  Needed the service check.  90 thousand miles…woo! 

The biscuits need honey or marmalade.   Best bloody mary’s in the world at this place.  Coffee is stout.  Wind blowing and cooler today…doesn’t bode well for fireworks which is okay with me.  Daisy is afraid of them anyway.  Poor baby. 

Time to pay the bill and retrieve the car! 


5:27 AM

I’ve sat up all night long…I really don’t know why.

The results of the book orgy came in…I have The General History of Pyrates, On Stranger Tides, Captain Blood, a book on blogging and a book on the mythic journey for writers.   I’ve been planning two ASMR videos but the problem I have at the moment is that there is just no room to shoot at the house and I don’t want to haul everything up to Atomic.  Daisy got dog goggles and a “service dog” shirt today…er yesterday.  The shirt must have smelled good because she dug it out of the package and started chewing on it.

I looked at the Ipad storyboarding and slating apps but they are all thirty dollars and I am loathe to spend the money right now.  I keep looking at Crabcat industries and Commander Holly on youtube and I think….I could do that…why aren’t I?