Why Do Teachers Obsess That They’re Not Good Enough?

Gatsby In L.A.

Every day, no matter what my current post, somewhere between around 2 and 20 readers click on a post I wrote several months ago called “Are You A Bad Teacher?” On some days it seems as if an infection of self-doubt has burst across the profession, causing as many as 75 readers in a single day to click on this months-old post buried in the internet. Of all the posts I’ve written, it’s the one that continues to generate the bulk of traffic on days when I don’t post anything new.

From my statistics page, I can see the readers’ search terms. In the last two days, they used terms like “I’m a horrible teacher” and “I’m a rubbish teacher” and “why am I a terrible teacher?”

Why are so many teachers agonizing over the possibility that they might be bad?

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