Random acts of thoughtfullness

I had someone, a colleague, hand me a crinkly bag today filled with an assortment of items.  When I asked what was the occasion, she shrugged her shoulders, and said, “No reason.  I just thought you would like them.”

She gave me two history books, and a novel that she enjoyed.  Also in the package were a duct tape wallet that she had made.  Inside it she tucked some funny notes.  She included some candy, marshmallows,and chocolate, a small stuffed bear, and a thinking of you card.

It was extremely thoughtful, especially the thank you note she wrote for something I consider to be part of my job.  I am not used to be thanked, so I was flattered, and I thanked her, for her thoughtfulness.  I am thankful I have people like her around me.  🙂


One thought on “Random acts of thoughtfullness

  1. That’s beautiful! Inspires me to do something like that for someone.
    Was wondering if I could include this in a book I’m about to have edited called Fall in love with writing. It combines the words of over 140 bloggers all talking about different styles of writing. One style is the gratitude journal and I’ve collected stories of when people are grateful. I’d love to include this gem. You name, age and location would be included. All good if you’re not interested. Just thought I’d check.

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