24 Things That Only Writers Know (From Writers)

Thought Catalog

Pink Sherbet PhotographyPink Sherbet Photography

There are some things that only writers know. Because there is no other way to learn them than by living the life, no way to guess what it is like until you are staring down the face of a deadline or days in a row of blank pages. Most people don’t know what it feels like to have vague ideas and messages deep inside that you feel like you’ll die if you don’t get out. Most people don’t have a career that requires them to work for years on spec before they get paid–nor is their ‘success’ so dependent on the whims of an audience, editors and press.

Those are the painful parts of writing that many cannot even conceive of. The good news is that the pleasures are also out of the grasps of those who have never heard the calling. What it feels like…

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