Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend

I consider rockabilly to be the ultimate cosplay.  People come from all over the world to Las Vegas Easter weekend to celebrate all things vintage but especially from the 40’s, 50’s, and early 60’s.  It does not seem to matter.  I have seen people who were easily 75 parading about in zoot suits (probably the original ones from their closet) and Hawaiian sundresses.  I saw one little old lady with a huge purple swath through her steel gray hair.  I saw beach blanket kittens of ALL sizes happily sporting their plus sized bikinis and myriad of tattoos.

The best part?  There seemed to be no size/height/weight proportional discrimination.  They all love the music.  They all love the fashion.  They love the cars.

And they come from all over the world!  I met tourists from Germany, England, and even a totally cute couple from Japan.  She made their outfits with traditional Japanese vintage silk prints of cranes for a completely unique look.

The pool party was the place to be Easter Sunday.  There was even an small mermaid dog paddling around the pool.  The vintage swimwear contest took place about four in the afternoon.   I wandered around the pool, sucking on my Sailor Jerry’s Rum Mai Tai enjoying the view as people got up and spontaneously danced to the music.  Rockabilly is swing dancing so think The Stray Cats or even The Cramps for a good primer into the genre.

Finally, after many photographs were taken, we got down to the business at hand.  The vintage swimwear competition.  My new friend (who thinks I will not remember his name at all), Gabriel (see I did remember), and I have a running bet that it will be the girl in the red (there were two), the girl who had a totally vintage gold and silver suit that she accessorized with gold and sliver shoes and a gold and silver umbrella, or the girl in the not so vintage but cool nevertheless grass skirt.  Actually,  I have no idea who won, but Gabriel and I were betting on who would win, and rock, scissors, papering each other over who would buy the next round of drinks.  He scored me Grapefruit lip balm from the promo girls wandering around.  Actually, I think its grapefruit and beer flavored but who cares because the Mai Tai was good!

Did I mention strong?  Yeah, that too.  It is probably a good thing that I did not have more than one.  I might have been speaking in tongues after a second one.  I also might have bought those too high for me to wear but damn they were cool leopard print Bettie Page wedge heels with the tikis embroidered on the heel.  Yes, they were shoe lust worthy.

I got a pair of Dia de los Muertos flats and a leopard print/starlight blue vinyl purse instead.  I also got a lot of business cards…so I know where to find this clothing…for next year’s Viva Las Vegas at the Orleans!


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